An Open Letter to Stupid Politicians.

Here in Canada the pundits and news heads are all abuzz with the promise of the news boon that would be a Federal Election.

As such politicians are out beating the street, gladhanding with the common man, working for that vote.

Apparently the Conservative Party of Canada* has decided to go with the old school leaflet route having stuffed my mailbox no less than 5 times in the past 2 weeks with really poorly designed flyers – Xeroxes of flyers even – with scary messages about criminals being set free to molest my children by the Liberals and such or whatever.

Nothing infuriates me more than finding this crap autonomously stuffed in my mailbox. They obviously have no fucking clue what issues are important to me and are going to make no effort to determine what they are.

One issue? The environment. What makes me mad? Hacks like you wasting trees to pour this shit into my mailbox when I don’t want it, and really, only the most basest of the lunkheads would be swayed by this lowest of all marketing schemes. The raver kids only stick their posters on the telephone poles. They are at least smart enough to know that they’re not gonna get me to ‘BootyThump08’ and probably wouldn’t want me there even if I showed.

Not only are you pissing me off with this waste of both natural resources AND my own tax dollars, but you’re insulting my intelligence at the same time. A double whammy. You advance to the idiot round.

And what do you get there?

You get to try and explain how I – or dare I say, even anyone in your own party – should take you seriously when we face very real environmental and resource problems and you flagrantly employ such tactics while at the same time – I’m sure – espousing your concern for said problems.

I realize it’s your legal right to use the mail this way. This doesn’t mean it’s morally sound. The beaten path is easy. The quickest, cheapest way is the copout. Doing the right thing is hard. That’s why so many people don’t.

You should be setting an example. Leading the way. Setting the bar. Instead, I’ve got no respect for you. If you wanted to, you could find a way to reach me by another means. You should be setting the trends, not following them. Think about the wealth of resources available – the web, social media etc etc. I mean I hate spam, but I think it’s more defensable than this crap.

Instead, I wouldn’t be surprised to find another one of these in my mailbox tomorrow, demonstrating only one thing to me – that really you don’t give a damn what I think. And you want me to call YOU my political party?

Fuck you.

*Note: This is not a Conservative party bash. It’s a stupid politician bash. I’d be equally pissed if any other party, mine or otherwise, randomly leafletted me – but so far no one has. Yet. But I won’t hold my breath. I have a bad habit of lumping all you politicians into one lot, regardless of party affiliation.