Off the grid in a manner of speaking.

I’m getting ready to go to bed now at a decent hour, even though I’ve a ton of work to do and didn’t do it yet.

That was a really lousy sentence.

Colin was up half the night last night with hurting teeths. No fun. Dad wants some sleep.

It occured to me today on the bike ride home that maybe, when the new baby is born and I start parental leave, I’ll just drop off the ol social media/internet grid for 3 months. I mean as fun as it is, it does require a bit of maintenance.

I think I’ll just play with the kids, ride my bike, watch hockey and do the 437 things that need doing around the house.

Thing 1: I got my 3 cords of firewood dumped today. Guess I know what I’m doin’ this weekend.

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  1. now four children that could cause the garage to be used for a spare bedroom.

    ubermick may have to remodel his garage 4 visiting family.

    by the way this is his sister from bonny scotland.


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