At the 11th hour, scandal strikes again.

I eluded earlier that Andy had news regarding my missing multi-tool. Following is a transcript of an IM session from today with the Kjungleboy himself regarding the matter:

arrosox: you’re not implying that i had any involvement, are you?
dabukit: Well he did choose to contact you for some reason, obviously there’s a connection there…
dabukit: And with your sorted criminal history already
arrosox: i merely provided a forum
arrosox: and some buddy passes
arrosox: delusions of grandeur
arrosox: that sort of thing
arrosox: i think you kinda outgrew each other
arrosox: but now that i think about it, i’ve said too much already
dabukit: i may post this transcript to my blog and let the public decide.
arrosox: well, i’ll leave it at this then….
arrosox: posting a new link/photo of your NEW multitool to the comments section was a real slap in the face
arrosox: and i WILL NOT be held responsible for any actions that Stan or Lybian President Mohammar Qaddafi may take as a result
dabukit: ?
arrosox: i’ve said too much already
arrosox: you don’t need this kind of distraction right now
dabukit: I’m just trying to stay focused, through my disappointment.
arrosox: I’ll share your concern with the appropriate people and/or objects
dabukit: Gotta go, we have a team meeting to discuss possible legal action against Stan – he was under contract…
arrosox: as your travel consultant, i would advise against it
arrosox: later
arrosox: but wait….
arrosox: a team meeting without me?!?!?!?!
arrosox: can’t i at least teleconference in?
arrosox: why am i asking?
arrosox: you should’ve set this up ahead of time
dabukit: I think you may be considered a ‘co-conspirator’ at this point.
dabukit: This is a point we will be debating.
arrosox: so, apparently my services aren’t needed
arrosox: or even desired, for that matter
arrosox: well, the legions will have something to say about this
dabukit: I’m afraid I can’t comment until the press conference.
arrosox: well…..uh….oh yeah?
arrosox: I’ll have my own press conference
arrosox: with alcohol and stuff
arrosox: and a stripper
dabukit: Well, let’s not be like that. I’m just following the wishes of Team Management and the Legal Dept.
arrosox: don’t burn another bridge today, my friend
dabukit: Remember, I am just an employee, after all.
dabukit: I have it from a good source that you will be exonerated of any wrong doing.
arrosox: but i was planning on expoliting my misfortune
arrosox: for the good of the team and the band
dabukit: Well, off the record, you let me know how you want to play it.
arrosox: how can we….oops….i mean how can I trust you?
dabukit: I expect that it will be tonight or tomorrow morning before a statement is made by the team on my blog – so you have until then to weigh your options.
arrosox: well, you hear this
arrosox: don’t start a charity bicycle ride that you may not be able to finish
arrosox: that’s the best advice i can give you
arrosox: it may be in your best interest not to attend
dabukit: Threats now? You’re sealing your fate – and I thought you were just the ‘conduit’ for the information.
arrosox: well, let’s just say that your NEW multitool might not exactly be as loyal as you think
arrosox: and i got that information from the left coast
arrosox: not from stan
dabukit: This is about the fact that I didn’t like your first version of ‘buKit’s theme’, isn’t it? I knew you couldn’t handle the constructive criticism.
arrosox: well, the fact that it couldn’t be performed in front of children due to what some deemed ‘objectionable content’ and despite the fact that I blatantly plagiarized the song ‘i know what boys like’ aside….
arrosox: you were a little harsh
dabukit: It wasn’t very ‘family oriented’. We needed something more ‘Disney’, something that would sound better in the McDonald’s commercials.
arrosox: do you know how many innocent animals that disney kills every year?
dabukit: Cartoons don’t count.
arrosox: how many children toil, day in, day out in their sweatshops?
dabukit: I can’t get into this with you now, Legal is waiting.
arrosox: publicity whore
arrosox: i’m through with you and with this
arrosox: good day, sir
arrosox: just heed my warning
AIM: arrosox has logged off

Oh Stan. What have you done?

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