Back in the saddle.

Got the first ride of the year to work in today.

I’m not going to lie to you, it was fucking cold. -5°C on departure [23°F]. With each pedal stroke I tell myself I’m willing it to get warmer.

Had to ride on the roads when I normally take the trail. The trail’s still under 2 feet of snow. The trail is mercifully flat, being rails-to-trail, it had to be for the trains. The road, not so much. On the hills the fixie had me inching along, the movement of the sun passing me by and oh, how I longed to coast on the downhills.

Learning curves.

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  1. Can we keep the Blog PG please. I am having Chupi read it to me every night.
    Just kidding.
    Those look like Chilean MUshrooms !!!

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