The calm amidst the storm.

Spring has sprung with a vengance. This workbench was clean a week ago.

Slammed. Trying to get way more work done than humanly possible.

Last day. Tomorrow Lyn leaves for DC and I’m solo with the short squad for 5 days.

Note to self: pick up two-four on way home.

Further communiques could be sporadic…

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  1. HI Kent
    I Hope your are dowing ok with all the kids I hope they do not give you to much problems …
    Any way I am quite sure that they will keep you very bussy and that they surely enjoy to be with you .
    Here we are doing ok Rolande is going for a small operation with the lazer in one eye tomorow at the
    hopital . It will only take a short time she will be back home after… I have to go drive her there and I will
    wait for her …
    Here the snow is going down I still have about 5 ft in front of the house but not far in front of the house
    in the flower bed the tulipes are starting to bloom and behind the house I think the flower are starting to
    grow under the snow because I shovel over the flower bed and I saw some sprout comming from it
    Well to keep short if you need help let us know don’t be shy and will make our best to be there …
    Leave us a word to let us know how Marie Lyne made it out there… if you can spare a min …
    I look at the pictures of the kids on the fridge every day and I miss them
    Well I am going now Bye Paulo

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