Bike Commuting Myth #437

Bike Commuting Myth #437: You need special shoes – False. Although my shoes are indeed special. Your ordinary shoes will work. Not everyone can be as special as me. Truth be told, most of the time, being me is pretty awesome. Often times, much more so than I even am willing admit. But you shouldn’t aspire to be awesome like me. You should be awesome like you. The truest, most-awesome you that you can. And you can use whatever footwear, head dress or body hair configuration works for your purpose. And once you become this awesome, or enlightened, you’ll know it. You’ll be awesomened. You will have achieved awesomement. Others may notice it, or they may not. It matters not. Sometimes it’s more fun when they don’t know. Once you have become awesomenened, resist the urge to proclaim it to the world. Keep it to yourself. Your own private Idaho well of awesomement. Continue about your business and rest assured, things will change. The world will change. Above all, keep riding your bike. This is a wellspring that will continue to replenish your awesomened state. One note: you’re free to utilize whatever accouterements you feel neccessary on your quest for awesomement, but if you can coordinate your socks to your shoes, (also known as The #sockgame precept) as I have here, truly, the Universe will be your most trusted friend and all the powers of sentient beings and fruits and vegetables will be at your command. (Never mind that I’m wearing Kenda socks and running Maxxis tires here – we’re all made of the same space dust, and stuff, and neither of those guys are paying me any money.) Be well and may you always have Cosmic Tailwinds.