Rode at lunch to Picaroons and had lunch. Went to the office and worked from there until the evening. Out and back.


And back.

See above.

All that time on a bicycle with wheels spinning | earth spinning | mind spinning and one has time to think.

Most of it was along the lines of:

“….this frame is a 58 – yeah – 58, I think yeah, that’s what I remember. I wonder what a 56 would feel like? I mean given I could get roughly the same reach and stack with seat post & cockpit adjustments. I wonder. Like what if I could take this exact build and put it on a 56 – what would that feel like? This is a 58 right?…”

So just run-of-the-mill one-with-the-universe type-stuff.

Across the Bikeiverse

I was listening to a podcast discussing the ideas of a multiverse or multiple universes and timelines and the notion that there are other versions of us, elsewhere.

I sure hope the other me-s are having as good a time riding bikes.