Coffee shop blues.

I’m sitting in the Second Cup downtown. I had to come into town today to grab some wireless access to try and cop some stock photos for a freelance gig ’cause my dialup at home is too ponderously slow.


They’re messing with the muzak for some reason and keep stopping it as soon as I get my groove going. Right in the middle of Eddie Money’s ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’. Oh the humanity. Isn’t this against the law or something?

Now it’s The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ and the middle-aged guy at the table next to me is explaining to the younger chick he’s with (his daughter?) who The Who was/is. Detailing the loud volumes and the smashing of instruments. Yeah, ’cause that’s really what The Who should be remembered for.

Am I that old?

Oh man. They just cut the muzak again. What a total buzkill. Everyone in here is hopped up on coffee – are they trying to incite a riot?

Now it’s ‘Who’s Crying Now?’ – Journey. They’ll prolly axe it right at the beginning of the solo. Bastards.

Addendum: I eventually bailed on the coffee shop – the wireless was touch and go and I was running out of hair to pull out. I headed over to the Frederiction Public Library where the signal was as strong as a day is long, and there was a great view of the river. Bummer no coffee though. I did see someone with some Tim’s so I guess that means you can bring it in. Score.