Family life.

Last night an errant fly made it way onto Lyn’s plate at dinner. It seemed wounded, not flying too well and no doubt seeking refuge from the cold outside in an effort to find a warm place to die.

She instictively swept it away – only to have it land in Julia’s lap and she – after much  AHHHHing and UGHhhhing – managed to sweep it onto the floor.

Before it had even hit the floor – without missing a beat or a fork stroke – Lyn called North over who quickly (and dare I say happily) ‘dispatched’ with it…..

Tender moments in the Fackenthall household.

For a week or two I’ve been struggling each morning unplugging my engine block heater for the car – each time telling myself, ‘I’ve got to fix that’.

This morning during the usual struggle (in -23 C temps I might add), the plug came clean off the cord that goes into the car.


What’s the moral of the story?

For those of you that said ‘don’t procrastinate’ you get .5 points.

Those of you who said ‘don’t try anything in the morning – especially when it’s that f’ing cold – without first having a coffee’ get 1,456 points.