Yikes. So here it is a week into April and nary an entry from me. Guess I’m due.

I’m sick. Very sick. I’ve had some sort of cold thing for like a week. Lots of coughing and not much sleeping at night. I am starting to think it is perhaps more than a cold. The return of the Black Plague? So I called the Family Doc today to try and get an appointment for Monday only to find out he’s out on vacation all next week and the following week is booked solid.

Guess it’s time for more Nyquil.

It has seriously hampered the biking activities as I’ve only ridden in once this week (today). Sometimes I feel like the exercise helps. Lyn says I should take it easy. Bah.

The kids birthday party went awesome. I’ll try and get some pictures up here. My fears weren’t confirmed and the weather turned out to be awesome. A good time was had by all. Only drawback being Emma taking a header on the gravel path while running at full speed in childhood glee. She scraped her face and nose a little. Came out alright.

I’ll try to drop a more extensive update tonight or this weekend.


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  1. As long as the cold is from the nec,k up you can ride. If its in the lungs then hold off until you start to feel better.


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