What’s in a name/the dCup report.

What is it about guys and nicknames?

Chicks don’t really do nicknames.

Every circle of close knit guys has nicknames for each other. They usually go some distance back but can also change often based on events. Some guys will have several nicknames and it’s a testament to how long you’ve known the guy how many of his nicknames back you know and if you know their origins. It’s like street cred. If you know all the nicknames of everyone in your group and their origins – even the obscure ones – you are like the group wise elder, with all the prestige and clout associated with said title.

You aren’t fully trusted in the inner circle without a nickname. It’s like becoming a made man in the mob. And just because you have a nickname with one circle of friends does not automatically garner you entry into another group. Nicknames are ‘group specific’ and a nickname must be earned within said group and approved by that groups members in order to be valid and thus admit you into the inner sanctum.

Where am I going with all this? I dunno. Perhaps I’ve already said too much.

I have a coworker named Dallas. He’s been dubbed dCup. I did not do the dubbing, so I’m not particularly sure why, but it is his official work moniker. He’s a big coffee drinker for one. Simply ‘Cup’ also works as well. I’ve also taken to working the ‘D’ into various mutations and thought perhaps I’d record them each time I come up with one here for posterity.

Today he came in early, hence ‘Early Moe D[ee].’

That is all for now. No one can accuse me of not being topical.


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  1. Would love to see some pictures of the birthday girl/party.

    PS: Had to smile at “chicks don’t really do nicknames”. We do nicknames for guys 😉

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