Don’t Quit Social Media, Put it to Work Instead

An interesting article here in the New York Times pointed out to me by a friend, written as a counterpoint to the article I mentioned in my last post:

Don’t Quit Social Media, Put It to Work for your Career Instead

“Cultivating your social media brand is a fundamentally passive approach to professional advancement.”

“There are many people with a presence on social media who are what we affectionately call lurkers, those who may never or rarely post or share but who simply consume content widely. These activities may seem passive, but they are not. Lurkers may be doing much to further their careers: learning new things, keeping up with the latest trends or preparing for any conversation that might crop up in the break room or during a job interview.”

I admit to being – or trying to be – one of the latter. A lurker. I’ve been trying to not get drawn into the memes, the politics, the pandering and simply observe.