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  • The NYT, the Shultz Hour and niksen

    A few weeks back, in order to read an article on the New York Times website, I did what I’m often loathe to do and signed up for a free account. As a consequence I now receive their daily digest, The Morning, in my inbox and it’s been a really pleasant surprise. I find it’s […]

  • Facebook Co-Founder Says Break It Up

    Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has written an interesting opinion piece over at the New York Times, “It’s Time to Break Up Facebook”. I’ve been off Facebook for over a year now and about six months ago stopped using Instagram and Messenger. While I had my own issues and struggles with social media use affecting my […]

  • We Are Not the Thinkers of Our Thoughts

    From a post over on kottke.org, Tiny Private Mind Motions “Every morning, when I screw the lid onto my steaming thermos of coffee, I think to myself, automatically, the phrase “heat capture.” I have no idea why. I’ve never used that phrase in any other context in my life. And yet I couldn’t stop it […]

  • Don’t Quit Social Media, Put it to Work Instead

    An interesting article here in the New York Times pointed out to me by a friend, written as a counterpoint to the article I mentioned in my last post: Don’t Quit Social Media, Put It to Work for your Career Instead “Cultivating your social media brand is a fundamentally passive approach to professional advancement.” “There […]

  • Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.

    Quit social media. Your career may depend on it. Interesting opinion piece from the New York Times shared with me via email by a friend. The email share to a group fostered some discussion, here were a few words I contributed. I fluctuate back and forth with regard to the ‘ability to concentrate’ issue. I’ve […]