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  • Treeline

    View on as large a screen as possible.

  • Different Suns

    At some point WordPress built this ‘image compare’ block into the software. At first I thought wtf, but I’m realizing more and more it can be fun sometimes. Same spot about 2 hours apart.

  • Earth Day 2021

    Out for a nooner. Years ago I stopped riding with headphones, music etc. Every ride has a soundtrack of it’s own, be it natural, urban or other. Sounds – or sometimes the lack there-of – for me, are very much a part of the ride. Also being Earth Day and all, I picked up a […]

  • Starter Home Package in New Brunswick’s Cycling Paradise

    When I moved out here years ago, I loved that I was surrounded on 3 sides by woods. Even though there was neighbours at a distance, it was akin to living in the middle of nowhere. Well, my luck has finally run out and whichever developer owns the lot to one side of me has […]

  • The Commute: A 90km Walk to Work

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