Tag: Saint John River

  • Dawn Patrol

    When I was a younger, dumber person – more inclined to evenings of considerable debauchery – my friends and I would consider any mountain bike ride that started before 1oam as ‘Dawn Patrol’. Then at some point you have to start getting up at like 6 for work. And to get kids to school. Or […]

  • Back to (sch)Cool

    Weekend ride with Teacher Man Titus after his first week back at school.

  • Ride the Sun Up

    Got out for the usual weekend ride. Some beavers had felled a tree across the trail, so I followed their drag marks down to the river and sat there for a bit. Took a bunch of pictures at few minute intervals of the same ridge of trees trying to catch the sun lighting them up. […]

  • Ridge Runners

    Out for a nice mixed-surface ride with Andrew and Kelly. Up and over Keswick Ridge, Mactaquac Dam and the St. John River. Some nice views and excellent weather. Oh, and I brought leftover pizza as a snack. Had to soak my knees afterwards in the pool to quiet them down. From my CABC Instagram post: […]

  • Rad Edge Shopping Trip

    We didn’t need anything in town but it was like 8°C so I went anyway. And took the long way.