Tag: Fredericton

  • Lest We Forget

    Lest we forget all those who gave up so many sunrises so that we could embrace all our days fully, in their honor.

  • Back to (sch)Cool

    Weekend ride with Teacher Man Titus after his first week back at school.

  • Rode Ride

    Went out on a road ride with @spoke_n_words because apparently these are still a thing. In typical form we managed to still ride some ‘non-road’ sections. I believe now that #gravel is a thing you can’t call them sectiONS, you have to call the sectORS, so we done rode some of those. I somehow managed even on my ‘road’ […]

  • Transcend it, Brah

    Made a self portrait.

  • King of Kensington

    My buddy Andrew’s 50th birthday ride. 100km for 50 years. Proper post-ride nutrition.

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