Tag: Andrew Titus

  • No more events today.

    Saturday was open. Up early and made coffee in the underground lair while listening to the Bosstones. Headed out for a walk with Titus. Talked about nihilism and child prodigies. Sartre and the Stoics. The weekly menu and cooking rotation as an element everyday existence. Russian prisoner camps and optimism. Canadian Literature and its identity […]

  • Back to (sch)Cool

    Weekend ride with Teacher Man Titus after his first week back at school.

  • The Movie of My Life

    Got out to meet Titus for a ride today. On my way I stopped on the walking bridge across the Nashwaak River to watch for a bit and I was talking to myself as I usually do. I was actually talking out loud, so people – if there were any around – could’ve heard me. […]

  • Cartoon Creatures

    Took a ride with Titus out the Lincoln Trail and Post Road to our Fredericton Junction coffee spot. We voiced cartoon voices along the way for all the animals we encountered (because Saturday Morning Cartoons, right?) which consisted of bald eagles, a heron, squirrels, ducks, turkey vultures, sheep, a goat, and various dogs. You know […]

  • Blues Explosion, Man!

    Got out with Titus for a long gravel stint. I think too much sitting and mashing on the Karate Monkey – my knees didn’t much like it. Was nice to go straight into the pool post-ride.