Farm Ride

If I had a farm, this is what riding around on it would be like. As such, I have no farm, but have the benefit of farm riding without the farm work.

Perfect Conditions

I’ve spent a lot of time and money setting myself and my bikes up with gear to ride in most conditions. So sometimes you gotta go test that stuff out.

After yesterday’s Spring-like weather, today a storm was rolling in and talking to a client on the phone this morning who’d seen my post yesterday, she jokingly asked if I was going out for a ride today.

Challenge accepted.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

The atv path I ride my bike on all the time passes right by a neighbour’s house. He can see the trail through the trees from his driveway.

Over the past few years he’s seen me out on the path on a bike at pretty much every time of year and day and in any weather. When I’m headed towards home along the path it’s uphill, so I am going slow enough for the ‘neighbour wave’ or head nod.

The other day it was raining to beat the band, the mud trail was an absolute mess, and it was cold – hovering just above freezing. A spectacularly miserable day to be on a bicycle. As I was going by he waved from his driveway, shook his head a bit, laughed, and said, “Is there any time you won’t ride a bike?”

“Still trying to find the most-funnest time,” I said, smiling and waving back.