One Serious Bike

Me, locking this bike up at Picaroons this weekend with the intent of scoring an espresso at Neighbourly Coffee.

An older lady and gentleman stroll along, he exclaims:

“WOW. That is one SERIOUS bike there!”

Me, chuckling, “Serious? Is that good or bad? I try not to be too serious when riding it…”

He: “No, like I mean that thing looks like it’s seen some mud and rocks n’ stuff – like, it’s been around…”

Me: “Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. The patina is coming along nicely.”

He: “That is really one impressive thing, man…”

His lady friend smiles politely at me while gently leading him away by the arm as he’s still expounding…

“Wouldya look at that thing dear?…”