Circle of Bike

If you ride bikes – I ride bikes – stop for a moment and think about all the people who have come – and gone – in your life and then shine a light on all those who’s introduction was because bikes, or bike-adjacent.

Friends, kids in the neighborhood, co-workers, clients, dates, extended family, step-family, fam-family, present/past significant-others, clients, bosses, business contacts, partners, fellow musicians and artists, weirdos, freaks, MIA one-timers, group ride chatters, heads-up-waves-and-nods-on-the-bike trail-ers…etc.

Does that change your understanding of what the bike is?

The Professor

I went for a walk this morning and totally underdressed for how cold it was.

And I should have had snowshoes for part of it and ice spikes on my shoes for another.

“Adventures suck when you’re having them.” -Neil Peart