Get inspirationized.

So many times in the past few weeks I have endeavoured to write something down.

Fill this hole.

I sit here now and it has all escaped me, come and gone. I get ideas about things, often at incovieninet times and they wound up lost. I think back now.

Perhaps it’s the time of year. The Holidays. The actual marking of the calendar year passing that turns my mind to these things. Really, I’ve never been much to celebrate New Year’s – I mean at the Youth Hostel, it was a reason to get loaded, enough said – but I’ve never really bought much into it. If anything I always found it a bit melancholy.

An old buddy of mine concurs, he calls it ‘Forced Fun’. Really, you can mark your years whenever you want. Maybe your year started the one day you decided to not take someone’s shit anymore. Maybe it was when you finished something. Maybe it was when you started. Maybe it was a beginning of something.So I sit here as I am wont to do, thinking about things I should be doing instead or that need to get done – though in fact not doing any of those – leading me to ponder things that have happened in the last span of time – say a year. For me it works as we’ve only lived here a year. I’ve been at this new job a year. We’ve been in this house a year. A year in a new city.

I think about things that didn’t get done and should have. Things that did get done and shouldn’t have and – well – you know what I’m saying.

During these times it’s so easy to grasp at the idea of ‘resolutions’. My more tried and true of readers will know that I’ve touched on the subject several times before. Dare I say I think at some point or another I’ve resolved to simply write more. Ahem. Well…

I’ve expressed disdain for the notion of resolutions as well as the merits of them. I believe I attempted to take some moral high road to the effect that we ‘should be good people all the time’ not just at New Year’s or some crap like that. I am familiar with alot of moral roads, both high and low, I’ll admit.

Behind it all I guess, it boils down to the fuel. What is it that is going to drive you to do these things, these resolutions. These radical alterations in a way of life that you (I) will undertake in quest of whatever it is we are questing for. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s Inspriation. I even used a captial ‘I’.

So go out and get inspired I say. Or better yet, inspire someone else. Giddy up.