It IS about the bike.

We’re publishing a new book next season in which th protagonist, for a number of reasons, embarks on a bike journey from Halifax to Ottawa. The book is entitled The Push and The Pull by Darryl Whetter, and from the excerpts I’ve read, it’s outstanding. This one bit struck me today for some reason:

“Now, every aching moment of now, his bike trip is a cabinet shuffle. Any desire must now win approval from the legs. To want is to sweat. Any desire is a weight.”

‘Any desire is a weight.’ Yeah. I think we’ve all been there.

Oh, and don’t worry about all that financial stuff, it’s gonna work out, I’ve got confidence. Not sure how yet, but in the end, Lyn, I and the 3 buKiteers will be fine.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support.

If you live somewhere where it’s still hospitable enough, go ride your bike today.

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  1. Just caught up on your blog after about a month. So sorry to hear of the financial struggles. You probably don’t want advice but just want to refer you to the website of Crown Financial Ministries It is a Christian ministry that helps you with financial planning ideas along with some good Christ centered encouragement. Pete and I used some of their materials and principals years ago and feel that we still benefit from what we learned today.
    Don’t worry about the Christmas thing with the kids, that is what Grandparents are for!! Ha!! As for you and Lyn, make it a “homemade Christmas”. You guys are both so talented I bet you could come up with some great stuff with what you have on hand. Collin is still young enough he would be happy playing with the box his gift would come in so take advantage of it…..just give him the box!! Hope you get another job soon to alleviate the pressure. Love, Aunty LU

  2. buuuuuuuuKit!!

    My brothah!

    It will all come around. Your next project may engulf you in all that the bike can offer and co-ercingly force you into the bikes you have neglected. Therefore turning you into a self pious dictator of alllll, that is bike holy and oily!!!!!

    Just trying to get u to laugh. Don’t you worry man the new novel will re-embrace your love for the bike at the equinox of your life. Thus-fore, allowing you to pass this love onto the knowledge hungry minds of your younglings. The force is strong in you padewan.

    btw. . . i will start blogging again soon. I just have to catch up since my pc hard-drive mishap. thbbbbt!!

    PC 4 Life!!

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