Gone native.

Heya folks. No post for awhile.

Lyn and the kids have gone off to Canada so I’ve the kitchen pass for 2 weeks.

I took advantage this weekend and pretty much dropped off the radar and didn’t talk to no one.

Saturday: Up at 5:30am. I went and did 30 miles of fun trail with Pete amongst others. Thanks for the ride all, it was a good time. I did Pete’s pre-ride at 8:45am and we got back around 1:30 I think. It was a Schaeffer Farms/Hoyles Mill/Black Hills epic and the trails out there are awesome. I think we had intended to ride longer but Chris, Pete’s ride to the trail, bent his chainring and had to bail out early. No matter. I had fun, and more importantly, I felt really good energywise. When we were in the parking lot at the trailhead I felt like I could go another hour or two, and probably would have had I known the trails a little better.

So. I went home. Watched some of Le Tour. Watched some of the consolation game of the World Cup. Then watched The Godfather Parts I and II in a row (simply ’cause I’ll probably never have the chance to again). Ate a big plate of pasta for dinner. Did some chores. Walked the dog. Went to bed.

Sunday, got up watched Le Tour. More Chores. Decided to go riding. Rode for 2 hours out the Colt’s Neck Loop towards Great Falls. Felt good. Had fun. Came home. Here’s the best part: came in and didn’t shower. Left all my stuff all over the place. Decided to go riding again later. Watched the World Cup Finals. What was Zidane thinking? Kind of a bummer to see it end in a shootout. BBQ’d 2 big steaks (one for leftovers tomorrow) and some potatoes. Decided to go riding again – because I could. Rode Wakefield for an hour or two till dark. Swung by the office. Checked on a few things. Went home. Took a shower, more chores. went to bed.

So that’s why you didn’t hear from me.

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