The best laid plans of mice and mtbers….

So it looks like the next Wedensday at Wakefield race here has been cancelled. Next race will be July 12th.

For those of you outside the immdiate area, we’ve had like a foot of rain in the past week and they’re calling for more. Buildings down in DC are flooded, roads are washed out, cats and dogs – sleeping together – it’s pandemonium.

Actually a boon for me, as I have fallen completely off the training wagon. Between trying to do a bunch of freelance stuff and my dog being sick, I haven’t put in any serious saddle time in 5 days. I’ve been driving the car to work, and last night – the final act of indignance, I had pizza and beer for dinner.

Oh, the humanity.

Well, the cancellation gives me a reprieve and a chance to get back on the horse. Giddy up.

For those wondering, North is home and on the mend. Turns out that he does have some thyroid issues after all, so now he’ll be on meds for that. The good thing is that should hopfully slim him down and improve his spirtis. I’ve been struggling to keep weight off him for months and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern. He should be back to full crotch-nuzzling strength in no time…