The picture above says volumes about what it’s like at my house. Only when you have kids of a small age can you walk around a corner to find this and no one in sight. I think I’m just a tenant here, someone else must be in charge.

Not so angry any more. Not really any time for it. Got emails for that one from expected – and unexpected sources. Thanks to all for the moral support. You can cut it out now. No more goofy dancing animal ‘feel better’ e-cards. I wanna puke.

Huge push on at work to get the big website done…it’s now 2 months overdue with the Fall book season looming. It’s turned out to be a much larger endeavour than anyone involved thought. Just about the best thing to come out of it is my discovery of The Gaslight Anthem via Ryan, the guy who’s coding the whole site, and consequently, probably chewing asprin by the handful. When the things actually done, I’ll post a link here. I’ve yet to determine how I will celebrate it’s successful launch. I feel it defintely deserves controlled substances of some kind.

When I checked in tonite, I’ve got 156 comments awaiting moderation. Safe money is that there’s 156 comments trying to sell me either porn or male enhancement items, but if by some chance you’re in there, sorry, I haven’t checked the comments lately and I won’t tonite on my stupid slow dialup, cause I’d like to get to sleep at some point. I’ll try to remember tomorra.

Freelance is ramping up a bit again. Dollars is good. I’m all about the benjamins. Julia and Emma never put gas in the car when they use it and it’s a drag filling that thing up.

Colin’s almost walking now. He pushes everything around, which is nice. Nothing like stumbling through the minefield of toys in the middle of the night to take a leak. He takes it real personal when you step on one in the night too, he wakes up hollering which doesn’t really improve things any.

Awhile back I had a bit of fun gutting a portion of my basement. Mmmmm, yummy mold growing in the walls on the drywall. Highly recommended for the respiratory system of the buildings occupants. We’ve embarked on quite a few home improvement projects – cause we don’t have enough to do as it is. There’s 3 on the go now…the basement, the terraced rock flowerbed in the back and the bathroom that’s been about 97% done for months but needs a bit to be finished. If I finish it though, that will leave Lyn nothing to hassle me about, so I can’t very well leave her empty handed.

We’re also getting a house energy audit. Here in Canada, a guy certified by the government will come to your house, tell you just how screwed up and inefficient it is, then you have 18 months to fix as much as you can, and they’ll reimburse you a percentage of your costs based on what you get done. My guess is he’ll look at this house and just say I’d be better off starting from scratch – or wait – no, I take that back. I’m sure the dog kennel can stay.

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