Jonesing for the fix.

I’ve got no money for ’em, no place to put ’em and no time to play ’em, but damn have I got the jones to play the drums lately.

I trolled on kijiji and found a guy here in Fredericton with a nice Pearl Export kit for sale. It was even green. I’ve always wanted green drums. I emailed him about going to see them, then I lied and told him my washer broke ’cause I was to chicken and embarassed to just admit that my conscience had talked sense into me. (And really even if it hadn’t, Lyn would have.)

I’d love to get in room with 3 other guys, the gear, turn everything up to 11 and just blast for a few hours.

Man, that would feel good. Surely exorcise some demons. Those, I’ve got.

One reply on “Jonesing for the fix.”

  1. You make me feel bad! Honey, If I could afford it you’d have Green, purple, and Rainbow drums….you could even have a whole room filled with drums, even if all they do is catch dust….One day, I’ll get you green drums…you can teach your kids to bang on stuff.

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