I’m a Super Commuter!

Psyched to say that thanks to a nod from my solid homie, @ge_willi I’ve been named the Planet Bike Fall 2019 Super Commuter! Very cool to be acknowledged as I’m a big fan of both Planet Bike’s products and their overall positive bike mojo ethos. I look forward to repping the Super Commuter title with pride! Point your electronic smart devices to the Planet Bike website to read about just how much of a nut I am when it comes to getting to work by bike. And while you’re there, pick up something for your commute from the shop. Thanks again to GeWilli and Planet Bike!

2 replies on “I’m a Super Commuter!”

  1. Way to go Kentster. Is this the prize that has the round the world Cruze for 6 in the owners suite and $25,000. A week for life??? Even if I is not that much. Nice job son

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