I decided this weekend I’m gonna just ride bikes. That’s my thing. You probably knew that. You’re probably saying “well, duh, we can see that’s your thing – was this ever in doubt?” I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine, who also happens to be the proprietor of my LBS, about my confusion regarding ‘what I was doing’ in a very broad, ambiguous, ‘life-concept kind of sense.’ (My LBS offers more than just tune-ups) “Man,” he says, “you just need to keep fueling the bike stoke.” That word ‘stoke’ makes me cringe. I always feel like it’s only used by dudes sitting at the jump park complementing each other on tailwhilps over session beers. <SENDIT BRO> But I knew what he meant. For some people it’s stoke, others it’s mojo, PMA, juju, good vibes, synergy, or whatever. Whatever your particular words for it, it doesn’t matter. You go and get yours. If your thing is bikes, like mine, great, I hope I’m fueling your bike mojo. If not, that’s ok too. You do you. Do YOUR thing, because even if I don’t do that thing, I’m looking at you doing your thing here on Instagram and I’m seeing how psyched you are to do that thing and share that thing and the positive impact that thing is having on your life and the people around you that I’m fueling off that thing too. Your thing. Even if it’s not my thing. All the things. All the stoked, juju’d, mojo’d, PMA’d things. Bikers, runners, outdoorsers, artists, craftspeople, photographers, garbage men (persons?), chefs, moms, dads, kids. All doin’ they own thangs. Recognize, your good vibes are having a very real-world impact completely separate from Instagram and the on-line realm. I’m going to keep on doing my best to feed only positivity into the swirling well of stokeness here because it’s fun, but also because I hope it’s having real-world impact, somewhere. I hope we can all continue to branch out and feed off that mo-juju-vibe-MA from folks that have *different* things than us that inspire them, and in turn be inspired ourselves. I know I am. And in turn, as humans all our different things, our sum will totally be greater than all the parts. But still, really, ride bikes. It’s the greatest thing.