Muck muckity muck.

Got out for a ride today and the bike was unhappy. I think it knows that I’m building another one to – temporarily at least – take it’s place.

It knows this, and today it aligned with the drivetrain to spite me. Here I sit.


Every ride can’t be the perfect one I guess.

Today I dreamed of a single speed – but wait, I almost had one anyway. The bike is upset with me. Tisk tisk.

The shoes on the other hand are very happy. They kept my toes toasty. Even in the muck.

So alas, I am home now. Still glad to have gone and rode than sit on the couch. The bike is in the workshop, sulking.

The kids are home from a birthday party and threw a fit and passed out. Lyn too. ‘Course she took them to the party so I’m not surprised. She’s the goods – after all, I got to go mountain biking right?

I’ve a beer and a bag of chips and the tv awaits….