My kitchen chairs are hard.

We have these pine ones. Pretty ordinary, but I’ve been working the last couple nights at the kitchen table on freelanceage so that I can kinda still hang out with the fam. It’s sort of depressing to go down in my dank basement as well. It’s dark and I know the water’s coming in. I can sense it. So I’m 3.5 hours in on the kitchen chair right now and fidgeting. Not cush.

I want to try and write in this thing more often. Last week conspired against me. Lots of snow (see the flickr page), illness (see bubonic plague) and bubba decided he wanted to go to the ER with the croup at 12 f$#*ing 30 in the am on the night of the biggest snowstorm we’ve had. I was prepared to go in the Bru, but Lyn called the nurse, she listened to his breathing on the phone and suggested an ambulance. So it came. It only had all season tires and 2 wheel drive. Barely made it in my driveway. I could have driven to the ER faster myself. Crazy. Bah. The tension is lost now. Seems like ages ago already and it was only last week.

Wonder if there’s enough to report to update this more often.

Didn’t work all last week. Not on vacation. We were all sick. Then we got better, then we got sick again. Nightly sleep average for Lyn and I was hovering around 2-3 hours tops. It got to the point I didn’t want to go to bed at all, I didn’t know what was worse, trying to stay up and occupy myself, or going to bed, getting to sleep only to be woken up 15 mins later by illness in the next room. Ugly, campers, ugly. We seem to do this every year. Damn traditions, you just can’t shake ’em.

Kjungleboy is rumored to be coming to visit. Stay tuned. Perhaps we’ll cut an Arrosox Reunion Box Set.

I’ve got freelance work out the ass. This is good. Cuts into nap time though. I’m 3 cups of coffee in right now and a bit punchy.

Saw Hillary fighting back tears on the TV tonite. The conservative rednecks must be having a field day with that one. Following that story, the newspeople went to talk to Obama’s family where they live. They spoke with his Grandmother, who doesn’t speak english (I admit, I don’t know exactly what she does speak, only that I believe it’s an african language). I mean it looks like the Democratic front runner is a black guy who’s relatives don’t fully speak the language and were still shucking corn on the farm when they were interviewed. I would not have believed that Democrats were this progressive had I not seen it on the TV. I mean, everything on the TV is true, so.

Even better than that was watching Dr. Phil rant and rave how everyone needed to leave Britney alone – that the girl was in dire straits and didn’t need the tv/exposure – it could only worsen things. He was telling this to whoever would listen. On the tv. Only in America.

Entertainment Tonight ran the whole night with stories on ‘Britney in Crisis’. Their words, not mine. They even had a specific ‘graphic’ for it. Like ‘Election 08’. ‘Britney in Crisis’. They said they were ‘following her every move.’ Dammit, didn’t they listen to Dr. Phil? That’s the last thing she needs! Don’t they CARE about Britney’s well-being?


Hillary’s in crisis too. How come Dr. Phil’s not coming to her rescue?

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  1. uuummmm chairs, kitchen in particular can be quite hard. Perhaps a diet trick, if the chair hurts your ass you will get off it and stop eating, or relocate to the cushy couch to munch mindlessly in front of the TV.

    I am currently shopping for kitchen chairs and this is a greater challenge than I expected and I feel your pain. It seems I have never had to purchase chairs before and the value of ass real estate, with ANY AMOUNT of comfort level, is way more intense than I expected. My point here is this; I feel for you and your bum! Glad you are all feeling better and that BuBBA is all good now. Love to all of you.


  2. Sistor,

    Good luck on your quest. Thanks for the well wishes. The irony is however, that we are all still sick. I myself spent the last 2 nights alternately trembling in bed, then sweating through 3 pairs of pajamas.


    -ill b

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