Waterboarding, Maritime style.

I’ll be waterboarding at my place soon. No, not with detainees, just myself. I’ve got my board all waxed up and as soon as the crests start to peak, I’m hitting the beach in my basement.

See, that’s where the water will be. Today we’re getting 40 mm of rain on top of the 6 feet of snow we have. In addition, it’s supposed to reach a balmy 9 degrees C today. If that’s too much metric in one sentence for some of you, I’ll sum up by saying everything is WET. And melting.

And consequently will soon be flowing into my basement. The sump pump seems to be ‘iffy’ on keeping it out. Doesn’t want to pump water. I think the outlet hose is frozen against the foundation. Or the pump has perhaps given up the ghost. Not sure yet.

But there’ll be water.

It’s really much easier when you can just accept it. Just know that it’s going to happen and nothing can be done about it. It’s a peacefull state of mind. Zen if you will.

Just make the best of it. I’ll be waterboarding. Grooving to the swells in my basement.

At least I can admit it, which is apparently more than some governments are prepared to do.

I’m no torture fan, but I know it goes on. I know it’s been going on for centuries. Perpetrated by many countries/governments/regimes/religions etc. etc.

I’m not stupid. I’ve seen enough Jerry Bruckheimer movies to know this is true.

So why does the U.S. Government think I’m stupid? Why would they deny or dance around the issue?  How could they not realize that is insulting me – the very person who put them there (well, ok, for sake of arguement, roll with me) and has placed faith in them?

Really, by treating me with all the kid gloves that you would use on a 2nd grader, you’re looking like idiots.

Jesus man. Just own up to it. Yeah. Some people will freak out. Some will threaten legal action, but at least you’ll have your credibility.

Watching grown men, in the highest levels of government, with access to more information than you or I will ever see, feign ignorance to the whole subject, under oath, in front of their peers and their country really just makes me sick.

If you can’t stomach or at least attempt to justify what actions you’re taking, then don’t you shouldn’t be doing it. And if you’re going to do something (anything) then at least have the balls to stand up and explain your actions, however misguided they may be. If you thought it was the right thing to do in the first place, you really wouldn’t need to hide or divert attention.

How can this be the greatest nation of the world, when it’s leaders won’t even stand and defend their actions? This is the Rolling Stones giving substance abuse advice. This is Britney Spears giving parenting tips.

Do as I say, not as  I do.

Nobody is buying that shit anymore.

Not even when we’re told it’s ‘in our best interest’. Damn man, it just doesn’t fly. We’re not 2nd graders.

We’re 12th graders that are going to kick your ass behind the gym after school.