My ‘to-do’ list can beat up yours.

I’m gonna try and update this thing more often, even when I’m beat, so you get what you get.

it’s Sunday night and I’ve spent the whole weekend in the backyard (good) up until when I came in a few hours ago to do some freelance (work on some lame-o website – bad). So, ‘can I kick it? Yes I can.

I’ve spent the whole weekend on ‘projects’. Those of you who own a home will know what I speak of. The endless list of shit that needs to get done. It’s an ongoing, ever growing list that is constantly in a state of upheaval due to the shuffling of the order of the items on it.

It’s a juggling act really. The items are continuously sorted and resorted due to any of a number of variables that may include, but are not limited to, finances available, severity of need (i.e. is there eminent danger if the item is not done in the next 2 hours), weather conditions, availability of materials and/or manual labourers for assistance, the mood of the list sorter, etc. etc.

This weekend we got our garden planted (and only a month late!) though we are still waiting (over a month now!) for the fence to surround it to come in from the local farm supply/good ole boy/horse-stuff store. Figures. Right now there’s a bunch of rabbits and forest critters out there looking at it and although the little labels say things like ‘peas’ and ‘carrots’, all they see are a bunch of signs that say ‘BUFFET OPENING SOON, ALL YOU CAN EAT’. Where’s my damn fence?

Other weekend things. When we moved in here there was a dog kennel with a dog house that was absurdly big for any dog – it even had a porch. The kids could stand up in it. We decided it was a better playhouse for them. It was moved to the back yard and today I leveled it, built a front step, added another window and performed various other reinforcing/restoring type measures. Now all it needs is a coat of paint and a new floor (more shuffling of the list). Nothing is more frustrating than working half a day on something and STILL not being able to cross it off the f’ing list. It just hangs on. And laughs at you.

What else? Um. Cleaned the pool. Dumped chemicals in it. Tried to set up an irrigation system for the newly completed garden only to come to the conclusion that we don’t really have the water pressure here to power the two sprinklers I set up. Anyone got a jet pump and a storage tank they aren’t using? I have it set up so nice too, with those pro farm-type sprinklers – you know the ones – they go ‘csh csh csh’ and have the little arm that hits the water and spins around. I think the technical term is an ‘impulse sprinkler’. My agriculturally inclined family members should chime in here. I don’t have enough psi to get full ‘csh’ out of mine….I get more of a ‘psqt’ and they don’t really rotate….just stay in the same spot. It’s humiliating. It would appear I have SD – sprinkler dysfunction.

I need help getting my sprinklers up. Is there a drug for that?

Oh – and for the love of Pete, I’ve got more baby pictures coming – keep your shirts on…I hear you. I just can upload ’em from home.

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