The struggle of the ages.

I’m fighting with the question that has plagued man for centuries. I’m back and forth. Up nights. Cold sweats.

When commuting by bike – backpack or messenger bag?

Each has it’s advantages. I’ve been using a messenger bag for almost a year, but am starting to find issues with it – mostly comfort and it’s tendency to move around alot. Having a hard time giving it up though for reasons like volume, ability to swing it around and get in it while riding/ease of access, and of course the street cred factor. I also don’t really have a backpack I’m particularly fond of that has the kind of organization/pockets that my messenger bag does.

Discuss amongst yourselves. Or if you have your own thougts/experiences, feel free to share them.

I’m hurting here.

One reply on “The struggle of the ages.”

  1. Neither…(waterproof) panniers. Messenger bags are overrated and, like backpacks, turn your spine into a sweat canal.

    Of course, panneris scream “boring commuter,” but hey, they get the job done.

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