I hate meeces to pieces and the birth of a nation.

So we’ve got unwanted houseguests now. We’ve got mieces. Mice. Yeah, eating up the snackables in the cupboards and the birdseed in the garage. So this weekend job one was to get to the store (Walmart, for cryin’ out loud, I feel shame) and load up on Tupperwares and plastic bins to keep all our food in. I’ve enlisted some ‘special food’ (that’s what I tell the kids) that the mice eat and it ‘makes them go outside’. I didn’t tell the kids that they go outside to kick the bucket. After all, they’ve named the mouse ‘Angelina Ballerina’ after the mouse-based cartoon and once you name something…it’s all over.

So up here in Canada the 1st of July is ‘Canada Day’ which equates to the Fourth of July in the US. We took the kids into town to see the fireworks. In good Canadian tradition, I bought ’em each a two-four and sent ’em down by the river to check ’em out – ‘cept for Bubba of course – he’s too young for that yet. They showed up fine the next morning, no worse for wear and said they’d made alot of new Canadian friends. Mission, accomplished. Happy 4th to all my Stateside readers.

The garden is in now. everything planted. Should be ready to harvest mid November. Whoops. Our fence finally showed up from the ‘Good Ole Boy Depot’ and now I have to put that up lickity split before the critters eat what little veggies we managed to get in the ground. I’m pretty much screwed though, at this rate, if they don’t eat it in the garden, it appears they’re gonna get it once it’s in the house (see the entry on mice, above).

A note about web browsers…
…and how much they suck. I’ve spent alot of time tweaking this thing (as my frequent visitors can attest, probably with much frustration) and had made all efforts to make it ‘look pretty’ in both Safari(mac) and Exploder(PC) even though I loathe PCs. Well the other day, I downloaded Firefox on my Mac to check a freelance project and thought, “Hey, I’ll check out how the blog looks on it.” Much to my distress, it was totally hosed, with content bleeding into the sidebar and text overlapping – just a total f’ing mess. Seems that my wigetized sidebar in WordPress wasn’t playing nice with Firefox. That will only make sense to like 3 of you, if that, but it pissed me off, none-the-less. I’ve fixed it for now and I think I’m just going to go backwards and attempt to make things ridiculously simple so this thing plays nice on whatever you’re viewing it with. Feedback is always welcome if things look screwy on your end – let me know. I live in a vacuum here people – throw me a bone.

Rode the fixie into work today. Nice. I’d forgotten what that was like. Funny, it was around 9 (48F) degrees this morning, but it was getting sunny and I knew from the weatherchannel that it was going to warm up today so I didn’t hesitate to wear shorts on the bike and just throw on a long sleeve wooly. I had to laugh cause coming out of winter (when it’s still dark at departure and you know it’s going to be cold all day) my steadfast rule was no shorts under 10 (50F) degrees, so I’d probably have worn tights. All a matter of perspective I guess. Weather and seasons sure can mess with your head though.

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  1. Looks fine to me on a PC using Firefox. It’s just me, but I wouldn’t even bother making sure things look good in IE, ha.

  2. Love the pics for Canada day – Never enough pics of Lyn but that is usually the case for Moms. Strange to see you all bundled up for fireworks when we are sitting here in 102 degrees by the pool waiting for the neighborhood show…and no mosquitos!
    Sorry, but we Californians love to brag!

  3. What’s a PC? I thought those things were on the endangered species list or something!!! Looks great on Delilah ( yes I nammed my MacBook)

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