Guilty pleasures.

Lyn took the kids to the inlaws this weekend, they left today. I’m staying here to do a bunch of work over the weekend (at the day job) as well as ’round the house.

On the way home from work today I stopped at the local home improvement enormo-plex and got a few things I needed to put in the gates on the garden as well as the little stone walkway I’m planning.

Got home with full intentions of getting started. Alas, ’twas raining buckets. Went inside to asses my options. Lyn left a list of chores – some of which could be done inside. Was a pretty f’ing long list considering I was supposed to work the DAY gig all weekend. Umph.

Since I could, I popped my ‘Rush in Rio’ dvd into the tv for some background while I made a plan. Figured I’d make some dinner and see what develops. The clouds might blow over. Was pacing around the house, stealing glances at the video as I fermented. Sat down for a sec on the coffee table, to catch some action. I’d forgotten how badass those guys are…

[ ]

Well, about 2 hours and a shitload of air drumming later, here I am. It’s dark outside now and today’s Tour stage has started on OLN. Somehow, I’ve managed to have a few very cold, VERY TASTY beers and I’m a bit hungry having not had dinner. There’s nary a sound in the house with the exception of Al and Bob on the tv and North snoring. Did I mention these beers were REALLY tasty, and for that matter, really cold?


Looks like tomorrow’s going to be a big day.

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