Uh. Not much to report.

Sorry folks, been out of the loop.

Worked some mad hours for awhile and now can say that The Top 100 book is at press. I dare say it turned out to be more of a bear than the Miller Brittain book – and I thought initally it would be easier. I should have known better to think along these lines, especially when you know you’re going to have to deal with multi-national record companies regarding images and copyrights. Unreal. We’re still waiting for two photos to come in, and they will have to go in at proof. When it comes out ya’ll buy it. I could use the dough. Well you in Canada anyway, it won’t be for sale in the States.

New buBBa photos up on the flickr page. Peep ’em.

Operation DeMouse the House continues. I’ve resorted to snap traps and peanut butter now. That’s what all the traps said, “Use peanut butter.” I thought mice liked cheese? So what you’re telling me is that all those cartoons I grew up on weren’t real? Where’s my therapist. Didn’t want to kill the poor little suckers but after 2 of ’em infiltrated the actual house (read: the cats were playing with them in the living room) vs. just staying in the walls, I was left with no choice. Have nailed a couple and pumped a bunch of gap sealing foam into some holes on the outside of the house. Seems to have worked. No more meeces – so far. I’ll keep you posted. I am – however – skeptical at best.

Preparations are under way for buBBaFest07 – a gathering 2 weeks from now after Colin’s Baptism. I think we’re having just under 2,500 people, not including the press, and the list seems to be growing daily. Logistics have been rough, given our budget of $136.27 (CDN). So far we’ve got it worked out to water for everyone and 2 saltines. The press, of course, get nothing. If you didn’t get an invite, sorry, we sent them out psychically, so you must not be in the same frame of mind as us, hence the transmission didn’t get through. Go clean your chakra, drink a sixer, and then perhaps try again.

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  1. We just had Liam and Beckie here for a week and I cannot beleive Liam will be 2 on the 22nd!!! So glad you keep those pictures coming! Before you know it Colin will be a “boy” and not a “baby”. Since we don’t get to see you all in person as often as we would like, we love seeing the pics of your family.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but I don’t quite understand what your part in these two books is. Did you do the graphics? editing? advertising? I LOVE the way the book covers look and would really like to understand your part.

    Take care – A. Linda

  2. Auntie Linda,
    Re: the books, and how I was/am involved – I don’t know how else to explain it other than I designed and laid them out, cover to cover. They basically come to me as a Word document. I did have some help from my Art Director, so I can’t take all the credit, nor do I want to come across as snooty.

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