OLP Live

OLP Live

Buncha years ago, I gave @lilsistor my old iPod full of a bunch of tunes. I’d forgotten what was on there. This OLP live album was on there and she stumbled on it and, though she wasn’t really a fan prior, this album resonated with her. It’s become a connection we share even though we don’t often see each other in person.

She’s had a bit of a rough go the past few years – kidney issues, dialysis and in the past few months several strokes that have made it challenging for her to communicate in addition to struggling with cognitive issues. Throughout it all, she remains positive and upbeat. She’s by far one of the bravest people I know and inspires me every day.

As I type this she’s waiting to go in for a heart surgery that will fix an anomaly she has that doctors believe will stop the strokes in the future. I spoke to her last night and she let me know that she had the album with her and would be listening to it in the morning – so I am too.

Yesterday I posted about music between me and the band. Cool thing about music is the mojo can flow in lots of other directions too.

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