The Fire Theft

There are albums in my collection – and it’s weird to say collection because what it really is, I’ve added them to my Library in Apple Music – though, truth be told, I did own this album on CD before I sold all my CDs – and indeed purchased it the month it came out – but really now with everything being online, my collection is – for all intents and purposes – my random memory – but there are albums in there that I wonder, like, how more people didn’t hear, and more succinctly, dig.


One of my kids had an accident with their iPad at school so I had to run it into town to the device repair place – which – it seems to me – is THE business to be in right now.

Also had to grab a poutine and root beer to-go from Jack’s because I am all about proper ride nutrition.

Best 01:29:16/29.83km of my day.

“Did you hear that gas is going up .13 cents a litre in New Brunswick starting in July?”

No, I hadn’t heard that.