People ask me why I don’t like people…

So yesterday Lyn is doing some shopping for the pending kids birthday party this Saturday. She’s walking through the parking lot carrying a bag of stuff and Emma who’s birthday it was yesterday. She’s 2.

Some woman backed out of her parking space, and hits them. Knocking out Lyn’s knees from behind and throwing her and Emma to the ground.

The woman then realizes she’s hit someone, reverses direction, and speeds off through the parking space that was open in front of her, tires squealing.

Lyn’s left laying on the ground with her knees bloodied and pants torn up. Thankfully, she said that Emma actually landed on the bag of stuff she was carrying and came through scuff-free. She didn’t even cry.

Unfortunately, Lyn didn’t see the car or license plate it all happened so fast. She said that she didn’t even realize what was happening at first and when she did, her realization was that, she’d been knocked to the ground and the woman’s not going to stop and will run over the both of them. Imagine that feeling for a moment. Laying on the ground with your child, sure that you both are about to be run over by a car.

By some miracle, or the sheer chicken-shit factor of the woman not wanting to be busted, she stopped and drove off the other way.

Several onlookers did stop to see if Lyn was ok and help her up, but no one really got any distingushing characteristcs of the car. No police report was filed. The woman gets away.

This is why I don’t like people. This is why I want to move into the woods somewhere. This is why I don’t make small talk with you on the street. This is why I don’t like you. More and more evidence comes to light that seems to support the fact that for the most part people are no good.

I look around and all I see are more and more indicators that as a society we are both morally and ethically bankrupt. I need to have my head examined for wanting to raise my kids in this madness.

If I could have caught up to that person, I probably would have dragged them from the car and proceeded to pummel them. Makes me no better than them. Forgive and forget? How can I forgive people that have no concern or concept of anyone but themselves?