Mission: Accomplished.

I angered at least 3 people driving in cars today.

I am empowered.

I don’t understand why people are in such a hurry to get everywhere. What kind of quality of life do you have when you are always rushing around to get somewhere? It makes no sense to me.

Cars pause and let people cross in the crosswalk, but when I rode through on my bike they honked at me. The people can walk there, but us cyclists, we should yield to the cars. Whatever.

I like making you angry. I like slowing you down in your oversized petroleum guzzling SUV that will never be driven off road. I’m in your way. You have to go faster. Be better. Get bigger things. Get more bigger things. Just because that’s what the neighbours have. Because that’s what your peers have. Because that’s what People magazine said.

You strive to be better, to go further, to get ahead of the crowd. You ARE the crowd. You buy what they’re selling. You drive your big car and race the other rats to get somewhere-anywhere, before everybody else.

What do you have when you get there? Where, exactly IS there?

A big car with Shrek II playing on the DVD. This is what fulfills you. This is your raison d’être. There you are on top of your mountain. Ahead of eveyone else.

But everyone else is still coming. And soon you won’t be alone on the top of the mountain. There will be a crowd with you – and then the race will be on for the next mountain.


Get up tomorrow and go again. Let me know when you’re satisfied. Happy. Let me know when you figure it out.

I’ll be the one slowing you down on the bike daydreaming ’cause I know on the way home I get to ride through the woods.