Time to move on.

I think some folks misunderstand me sometimes.

What I was trying to point out in my last post – perhaps I did a bad job – is that I’m trying to excercize my right to ride my bike, and do something good for my planet, myself, set a good example for my kids – and these people get mad at me.

Cause I’m in the way. Cause they can’t get to their pilates class fast enough.

Instead of the ‘good for that guy’ or ‘I should do that to’, it’s all about ‘get out of my way, you’re a nuisance.’

I am not the problem. They and their adherence to one and only one line of thinking are the problem.

I won’t apologize for being negative or for what I write. Sometimes perhaps the sarcasm doesn’t come through well, and sometimes, well…I’m just pissed off and negative. Truth be told, I write alot more than what’s in this blog – I just don’t post alot of it because frankly I don’t want the comments about it.

I just try and call it how I see it.

The one thing that I’ve noticed that no one else seems to have picked up on, is the shift in my outlook when I came back here to the (‘gasp’, dare I say it? ‘States’.)

There is something fundamentally wrong with people here. I’m sure I’ll get the comments on ‘how we all aren’t bad’ or ‘a few bad eggs doesn’t make everyone lousy’ or even that I’m unpatriotic – Not the case at all. All I know is that down here (I say this in juxtopositon to Canada, the Evil neighbour to the north) there is a culture and society that in my mind perpetuates some really bad ideas…and everyone seems to be buying in, because CNN ran a segment on ‘How America is #1, we’re ok.’ I’m just so tired of looking around and seeing people led and herded. Think, damn you, think. We can do better.

My friend Andy will tell me that down in Texas, ‘the people are much nicer’, he says, ‘you wouldn’t believe it’. Perhaps this is true. From what I hear they all live in clouds of noxious gas though… a tradeoff? Polite neighbours for a mysterious lung disease? Perhaps these are the questions of our time. I’m sure there are places out there that people are not so much insane, for lack of a better word.

I’m sure there’s screwed up people everywhere, including Canada. In fact, I could name a few up there right now. I can only comment on the people I come into contact with, somewhat limited to my few locales, I know.

You know what really bums me out? People that keep telling me I’m negative. I’m fine. I think alot of people have the same thoughts and ideas that I do – I’ve just decided to post them here, so now everyone can see them and (apparently) judge them. That and the fact that my state of mind seems to incite more response than what it is I’m actually saying.

Bah. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. At least for a little while longer. You’ve got yours, I’ve got mine. I guess if I’m going to post my stuff up here, I can’t expect people not ot comment, and I certainly can’t expect to agree with everyone’s comments. It would be hypocritical of me to put this all up here and then complain when someone posts a comment I don’t dig.

That being said, I’m perfectly happy. My life has many challenges, but whose doesn’t? I love my wife and my kids and things are pretty great. My kids show me that there is hope to turn it around – and even though I’m grumpy somtimes, they’re my inspiration to try and be a better person. To me, part of that means being true to myself, even if some people don’t get it, or it comes across wrong. At least I’ve tried. Part of the limitations of this blog is that it’s one sided – it’s only a portion of the things going on with me – you don’t see the living room floor dad/kid tickle sessions here – and as I said before, maybe I’m keeping it for myslef. Go tickle your own kids (or significant other, or dog, or yourself) instead of hoping to read about me tickling mine.

Don’t worry about me – I’m just fine – the freakshow runs every day here and there’s always an empty seat.

Stay tuned – and honestly, thanks for reading (and commenting).