Plugs and props.

Alright, going to drop a bit of stuff here.

Went out last night to see some live music for the first time in awhile. My old buddy and drum mentor, Edzo’s new band, Ringleader, was playing at Jammin Java in Vienna. I guess this was their first show playing out – even though they’ve produced an EP. It was fun. They played a great show and the band and the songs are excellent. I’ve known Edzo along time through a bunch of stuff and I’m glad to see he’s doing well and has hooked with a talented couple of folks. Good luck to them. If you’re reading this locally, I highly suggest you check ’em out. Their next show’s at TT Reynolds March 14th. For the record I was really impressed with Jammin Java as a venue. A great vibe, nice layout and they even have an area upstairs where they give instrument instruction as well as an on-site studio. Way cool. My only beef would be no beers on tap – only bottles. Wtf? Still, I’m glad to see that places like this exist. I got to the show early and caught this guy’s set. He was amazing and way entertaining with his chatter and antecdotes. It was a real pleasant surprise.

I went to the show with another old pal, Spike Williams who I hadn’t seen in at least 8-10 years probably – I dunno, I’m terrible with dates. Anyway – it was great to see him and catch up on what he’s been up to. He’s getting his realtor groove on now, so – again, if you’re local – and looking to buy some square footage – check him out. He’s been noodling with artwork and music as well – and that’s pretty cool. He hipped me to the current musical status of another old friend of ours Dave Hurd. Good stuff.

I’m continuing to press forward in my sort of resolution to start seeking freelance work on the side to try and cop some more green. I haven’t made a dime yet, but then again I haven’t finshed a job yet either – but I’ve got a few in the works. I’m redoing the website for Wally’s Aquarium and I hope to have that done very soon. In addition I’m going to be doing some instore signage for him as well – assuming he doesn’t get fed up with me before I get back to him – I’ve been kind of slammed lately. Also, after last night’s events Spike and I are collaborating on logo designs for Edzo’s band, and it looks like they may need some cd artwork and/or packaging in the future – I’m keeping my fingers crossed there as I’d love to help them out. I’ve offered to do whatever they need, posters, website, whatever…of course I know from experience that local bands have little to no fundage for such things so it’s really a labor of love since I’m a fan of their music and local music in general. I think it’s cool to be able to work on stuff like that design-wise as there’s really ‘no rules’.

It could translate into some work for my man Mike Harbin as well, whose mention here has nothing to do with any of the preceeding dialogue, but I wanted to plug his shop anyway. Oh, and he does happen to have his own label, his own band, and be a badass musican who has played/worked with some of my favourite artists. And I thought I had alot of shit going on. A true ‘cat’ in every sense of the word. If you need cds or packaging – he’s your man. He’s got in-house design too, but hey – wouldn’t you rather use me? Sorry Mike – everyone’s gotta make a buck.

My sister is poised to move in next week. I still have to fashion some sort of ‘door type device’ that will keep the dog and cats out of her part of the basement that can be easily removed when I vacate this rental without leaving a gaping maw in the walls. Should be interesting. Anyone have some duct tape and chicken wire?

I’m trying to convince my personal wrench, Nature to move back here for a few months and regroup after his recent stint of ‘unemployed ski bumness’. I think it would be good for him on a number of levels, however, as I told him, I have ulterior motives as his return would give me a semi-permanent ‘partner in (bicycle-riding) crime’ as well as the opportunity to study under his tutelage the ancient art of wheel building/truing. It is – after all – all about me.

Since I’m updating on friends at the moment, I also talked to my old compadre ScottyLuv and we’ve vowed to get together soon. The irony is that he teaches classical guitar literally in the building right across the street from my office everyday and we haven’t managed to get together for so much as lunch in at least a year. It’s a crazy world. We’ve all got to slow down some.

I also talked to my main (the) Man, Steve who’s now doing his Fairfax County Police thing. I guess he’s posted at a station mere blocks from my house and I didn’t know until yesterday. We’ve vowed to get together at some point as well.

Finally, our good friends the Lopezs’ (his plug here) are on the verge (as in one week away) from having their 3 child, a boy, Sebastian and we wish them all the best.

Lyn and the kids are doing fine – well almost – Julia’s got a bit of a cold or flu or something, but is looking to be on the mend. She gets upset when she’s too sick to go to preschool and see her friends – I wonder how long that will last. We’re currently embroiled in the saga that is ‘Operation:FestiveGathering’ as we plan the impending joint birthday party for Julia and Emma. A momentus undertaking to say the least. And I thought planning our wedding was taxing. My suggestion of a joint birthday party/Channels record release was met with a less than enthusiastic response. Apparently my daughters prefer Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus to excellent indie rock. They must get that from their mother.

Lyn’s been taking a 4 shaft weaving class and is really digging it. She thinks she’s found her calling. When she first started doing it I started singing ‘Levon’ by Elton John, only replacing ‘Levon’ in the lyrics with ‘Weave On’. It’s become sort of a thing I do now, trying to seek out songs with ‘Leave’ in the lyrics so I can replace it with ‘Weave’. My current favourite is Led Zeppelin…

“Baaabe, Baaaabe, Baaaaaaabe I’m gonna weeeave you! I ain’t jokin woman, I got to ramble….”

My kids hate it and run from the room screaming. This of course makes it all the more fun.