Singer Porsche 911/959 Custom Rally

I usually skew towards the off road trucks/utility type vehicles in terms of my preferences – primarily because I like to think of getting way, way out, but also bringing a lot of stuff. That said, this bespoke Singer Porsche build is an amazing piece of work designed to get from A to B, regardless of what’s in between, as fast as humanly possible and man, do I DIG it.

I always loved the Porsche 911 and 959 body styles and that combined with the level of finish detail that Singer indulges in is just an amazing thing to behold. Add in the engineering that has been developed by Tuthill Porsche – this is no ‘show’ car – it will deliver the goods – and you have a truly magnificent beast.

….yeah, you also wanna just hit big stuff…and laugh…and just drive over it and not worry about it.”

-Richard Tuthill