Category: Gadgets and Gear

  • Singer Porsche 911/959 Custom Rally

    I usually skew towards the off road trucks/utility type vehicles in terms of my preferences – primarily because I like to think of getting way, way out, but also bringing a lot of stuff. That said, this bespoke Singer Porsche build is an amazing piece of work designed to get from A to B, regardless […]

  • NIN Modular Mask

    Nine Inch Nails presents the NIN Modular Face Mask System. Also known as the INASAAIBIS* mask, this heavy duty mask features a unique interchangeable message system that allows you to customize your mask to match your mood. Defiant? Just getting by? Provocative? You decide. *I‘m Not A Selfish Asshole And I Believe In Science […]

  • Wheels

    So I’ve had a bunch of these bookmarked in my favorites for awhile as stuff I thought was cool and wanted to share/bookmark. Here we go. Some Good Things Come out of Russia The UAZ Hunter Expedition comes out of an automaker in Russia and though the site is in Russian, the photos do enough […]

  • The Columbia Double Whammy

    I love things that are simple and work. Period. In 1997 when I was fixing to move to Northern New Brunswick, I knew I wasn’t properly outfitted for winters there. So I headed down to the Hudson Trail Outfitters at Fairfax Circle and picked myself up a Columbia Double Whammy 3-in-1 Jacket and matching pants. […]

  • Doggo Kit Bag

    I’ve remarked in this space how much I dig my @bedrockbags Kit bag for hauling bike kit, but it’s also oh-so-perfect as a travelling doggo bag and perfectly holds all this with room to spare: mud/snow towel for cleaning of the feets 3-4 days worth of foods poop bags 1L nalgene for roadside drinkies * food bowl * leash […]