So I’ve had a bunch of these bookmarked in my favorites for awhile as stuff I thought was cool and wanted to share/bookmark. Here we go.

Some Good Things Come out of Russia

The UAZ Hunter Expedition comes out of an automaker in Russia and though the site is in Russian, the photos do enough talking. The fact that the display model is orange, well, that’s just the orange-cherry on top.

Tow Your Own Adventure

I’ve seen trailers from TAXA Outdoors before – all their trailers look amazing – but this most recent iteration of the Tiger Moth is pretty badass. Will have to wait until the kids are out of the house though. No room for them. That’s the point, really anyway.

Possibly Perfect

The 1990 Land Rover Defender 110 – Georgetown re-do/restoration from Commonwealth Classics is just straight up nuts. Clean, simple lines. I’m loving this color as well. Elegant utility. All the buzz words. Vintage Looks with some modern amenities thrown in. Awesome all clean and shiny and would look even better getting dirt on it. Would tow the Tiger Moth above out to the middle of nowhere and allow one to disappear from the map rather nicely.

The Icon Reborn

Volkswagen has partnered with eClassics to produce an electric version of the Volkswagen Bus the eClassics Bulli. Anything more need to be said? I’d prefer the camper version to one with all the seats in back, but I’m sure if that doesn’t exist already, it’s coming. Also, again, orange.

The Columbia Double Whammy

I love things that are simple and work. Period.

In 1997 when I was fixing to move to Northern New Brunswick, I knew I wasn’t properly outfitted for winters there. So I headed down to the Hudson Trail Outfitters at Fairfax Circle and picked myself up a Columbia Double Whammy 3-in-1 Jacket and matching pants. For those of you as bad at math as I am, that makes these here items over 20 years old, and apparently, bombproof.

They’ve seen -40C winter temps, snow to the waist, fall and spring torrential rain, gas and grease from snowblowers and cars, and just about anything else you could imagine. Other than a nice ‘patina’ and some frayed edges that actually add character, they are no worse for wear. Full disclosure, I did have a new zipper put on the jacket in/around 2002 or so, but other than tossing them in the washer and dryer occasionally, that’s it – no rips or tears or anything else.

I probably could have hit them with a coat of fresh waterproofer once in awhile, but I never bothered. They are no longer their sexy, shiny brand new selves, but they are the go-to foul weather ‘gotta get out in the cold and the dark and the nasty to fix something’ kit that I reach for. The durability and the versatility of the removable liner (in essence, it’s 3 jackets – shell, liner and combined), copious pockets, arm pit vents, removable hood and velcro cuffs has made it a joy to wear all these years.

I think, other than maybe a Swiss Army Knife I got as a kid, it’s the oldest piece of ‘outdoor gear’ I have and it shows no signs of quitting. 

From fixing busted shear pins in finger numbing temps to solitary snowshoe expeditions into the heart of winter – this bad boy has seen it’s fair share of both swear words and transcendent moments and is as welcoming as an old friend every time I put it on.

Doggo Kit Bag

I’ve remarked in this space how much I dig my @bedrockbags Kit bag for hauling bike kit, but it’s also oh-so-perfect as a travelling doggo bag and perfectly holds all this with room to spare:

  • mud/snow towel for cleaning of the feets
  • 3-4 days worth of foods
  • poop bags
  • 1L nalgene for roadside drinkies
  • * food bowl
  • * leash
  • #1 most favorite barking hedgehog plushie 

Merry Christmas travelling doggo frens (and otherwise).