Doggo Kit Bag

I’ve remarked in this space how much I dig my @bedrockbags Kit bag for hauling bike kit, but it’s also oh-so-perfect as a travelling doggo bag and perfectly holds all this with room to spare:

  • mud/snow towel for cleaning of the feets
  • 3-4 days worth of foods
  • poop bags
  • 1L nalgene for roadside drinkies
  • * food bowl
  • * leash
  • #1 most favorite barking hedgehog plushie 

Merry Christmas travelling doggo frens (and otherwise).

Bedrock Bags Kit Bag

Bedrock Bags Kit Bag

If I have my druthers – I don’t know what a ‘druther’ is, but if I had mine – I’d always prefer to ride my bike directly out of my garage to the trailhead or wherever the group ride meet up point is. I like the solo warmup and I have a real internal conflict with the paradox of putting my bike on a car to drive it somewhere to ride. Sometimes though, for various reasons, it can’t be avoided. It’s still better than not riding the bike at all.

For years I would often struggle with getting kit together for the ride, and invariably, would sometimes end up forgetting something I wish I’d taken. I’d also end up with various pieces and parts of stuff all over the car on the trip to and from the ride. Then Bedrock Bags stepped up and saved the day.

They used to run a Fresh Bag Of the Month (#FBOTM) promotion where once a month they’d make a limited number of some one-off bag and post them up for sale – when they were gone – they were gone, no restocks. They were sometimes quirky bags, usually quite niche and meant to be just that – limited.

A few years back they were promoting this one – I think at the time they were calling it the ‘Kit Bag’ or duffel or something. A bag to hold all your kit for the ride. The photos showed it as being big enough for a helmet, a pair of shoes and miscellaneous other stuff. No pockets. No straps. No extra fanciness. I was hooked and ordered one up. Though I liked the concept, I had no idea at the time just how much I’d come to dig this bag.

It’s really great. I can take it in the house, load it up with various pieces of kit from inside – snacks, wallet, bottles, whatever – and then on the way out of the house, grab my shoes and helmet and throw them in and have everything needed for most any ride that isn’t already on my person or on the bike. If I know I’m going to be headed out early, I’ll even pack it up the night before and it makes things super easy – I only have to remember to bring literally one thing.

Once I get to the ride jump off point, I grab all my stuff out of it. Upon returning from the ride, I can put everything right back into it vs. having it all over the car and more likely to get forgotten/lost. Then, once home, I can bring the thing inside and sort/put away everything easily – nothing gets left/forgotten about in the car. This is even more useful and crucial if you’re catching a ride with someone else in their car.

Bedrock Bags Kit Bag
On this particular day I loaded my bag up with helmet, shoes, gloves, buff, knee warmers, base layer, wind jacket, cap, sunglasses and 2 bottles – and had room for more. You can pack quite a bit in, especially if you make use of empty spaces/cavities by sticking stuff in your shoes and helmet.

I can’t recommend the bag enough. It’s well made, perfectly-sized and lacks complication in the form of pockets, zippers, straps and unnecessary doohickeys. It’s made from bombproof materials and even when it gets dirty I basically just hose it out and let it dry in the sun. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but in hindsight it’s turned out to be some of the best impulse money I’ve ever spent. It was limited as I said, so unfortunately you’d be hard pressed to get one now. I notice that Bedrock has done away with the #FBOTM and replaced it with their ‘Limited Edition’ bags – of which there’s currently a kit bag similar to this one, but as a waxed canvas version. Personally, while I’m sure these current ones are just as well made – I’m glad I’ve got my technical fabric one instead. It’s been used and loved and tossed around with nary a scuff or scratch.

Full disclosure – I’ve used it for other things well. It just so happens when traveling with the dog on in-car road trips, it perfectly holds his food and bowl, a bottle of water, leash, towel and and some toys.

Bedrock Bags Kit Bag

Could I have just used a tote/duffel/backpack or even a plastic grocery bag instead? Yeah sure. But each would have had it’s own particular issues. They would have worked, but not solved the problem in such a singularly perfect way. Think about the juxtaposition of using an adjustable wrench vs. a perfectly sized socket. I’m a sucker for something that is purpose built and works methodically.