Social media makes me want to go outside.

I’ve been playing a lot with the social media these days. I’m sure some of you have noticed…I’ve been sending emails and friend requests and all. Twittering. Working the Facebooks and the flickrs. I’ve been trying to employ it mostly to get some networking going on and hopefully drum up some freelance work among other things.

I’m thinking of attending a big social media extravaganza. I understand the importance of social media with regards to commerce and branding. I think it’s a big deal. Am I happy that big huge corporations are monitoring what you and I are twittering about? Not really. Do I see the value in re-connecting with my high school buddies (well, we were never really ‘buddies’ but we sat in the same row) that I haven’t spoken to since high school? Perhaps. Do I think perhaps people are becoming to obsessed with their online identities and more concerned with communities of the virtual kind vs. the actual flesh-and-blood kind that are on your block? Yeah. Maybe I’m just old. Maybe I’ve gone retrogrouch.

Really, when I think about the prospects of trying to maintain all my social media action – especially on a dial-up connection – I really would rather do something else. Which I most probably will. But I’ve got to stay on top of the social media, right? I mean it’s the next big thing©. It’s important. It’s the future. Isn’t it?

So I think I’ll try and go to the social media throwdown and see what happens. It says on the media page that they’ll be serving up drinks and sausages and social media never lies. I’m in it for the sausage really.