Mr. Right.

Got on the bike to work today – even though it was raining. Nothing is so immediately affirming as that. It’s great to know right away that you’re doing something right and good. Seems these days so much isn’t – or rather provides little or no feed back at all.

Lyn asked me to buy Colin baby food though so now I’ve got 15 pounds of baby food jars in the bag for the ride home. We didn’t use any gas to get it though, so that’s all right too.

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  1. Got out on the bike…..Good for you! With gas prices like they are, everyone should be using public transportation, bicycles, or walking. I used the BOB trailer the other day to bring some building supplies home from the home improvement store. The trip is about 7 miles round trip. I borrowed the trailer from my friend the bike shop owner. If I had $300 USD, I’d buy me one of these. 🙂 Sucks being broke……

  2. DUDE, Cannot get to your gallery, is that because you are updating it?
    Keep up the good work on the bike!

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