When you’re like me and you have several bikes, and several bags that go on your bikes and they fit on all your bikes, and because you’re restless and enjoy torturing yourself by never being satisfied with any one combination of said bag on said bike, you end up moving your bags around a lot. You also end up moving all the stuff in those bags around a lot. Then one day, you’re out on a ride and get a puncture and realize you either a: have no tools with you, they’re in the other bag or b: have tools but have a tube that is too small/large/whatever to fit the wheels on the bike you’re on because you just had this bag on another bike and moved it to this one without thinking. At one point I said, enough long walks home and hatched this plan. I now have a 1L dry bag for each ‘size’ bike I ride that has (most) everything I could possibly need to get home in it, save a major malfunction. I’ve labelled them and can easily grab one to go in/on whatever bike I’m about to head out on. Each bag contains rubber gloves, a multi tool, tire levers, tube, patches, 2 CO2 canisters, CO2 valve, a coupla’ zip ties and a tire boot, usually made from a side of a tube box. If find the Bontrager ones nice as they’ve got this kinda wax coating/gloss on them that seems like it might be sorta water resistant. I always take a mini-pump too either in a bag somewhere or a jersey pocket. So far, I’ve still made it home in good enough condition on a regular enough basis to compose this meaningless post.