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It’s that time of year again, election time.

When I left church this morning (yea, I went, shut up) they had a table set up outside and they were handing out leaflets with ‘directions on how to vote’ information on them. This translates into a sheet which told you which candidates were pro-life, pro-religion in schools and anti-gay marriage and adoption.

I’ll be damned (excuse the pun, ha) if I’m going to vote based on some larger group’s (any group, religious or otherwise) idea of what’s right and wrong. I’m voting my concience man. I hope all you do too. I feel really sorry for anyone who votes blindly based on ‘the directions’ they were handed without actually weighing the issues. Sheep. Straight up sheep.

Far as I’m concerned the only ‘direction’ I need on how to vote is where to put the ballot. I’ll take care of the rest myself, thanks.

On a related note, as I waited in the quagmire of traffic that follows mass letting out, I sat in my parking space, waiting my turn to pull into the traffic lane to get towards the parking lot exit. 25 (I counted them) of my ‘fellow parishoners’ drove by without so much as hesitating to let me in.

25. Even some of whom I made eye contact with.

They must have been fresh out of ‘goodwill’ having just come out of mass. Either that or they were too busy reading their ‘directions’.

It may seem like nothing, nitpicking, but damn man, it’s gotta start somewhere.

People are so whack.